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Domestic Electrical Services

Hello, and welcome to the one-stop solution for all your domestic electrical needs. As your dedicated and skilled domestic electricians, Fogsons bring light to the darkest corners of your home, power to the most remote outlets, and peace of mind to you, the homeowner.

Ever wondered who could turn that old, cobweb-filled attic into a well-lit and vibrant study? Or who could install an elegant new chandelier in the dining room without turning it into an electric jungle gym? That would be us!

But we don’t just deal with lights. Have you recently bought a spanking new electrical appliance, only to realise that your home’s outlets look like they’re from the dark ages? Or perhaps you’re planning a remodel and need the entire electrical system rerouted. From installing new sockets to replacing old wiring, we can handle it all.

The scope of our work continues beyond there. We also conduct routine electrical inspections to ensure your home’s system is up to code, providing you with crucial certifications and peace of mind. If it involves wires, switches, outlets, or bulbs, you can count on Fogsons to handle it professionally and efficiently.

In a world that’s becoming more and more electrified, the last thing you need is a home that can’t keep up. As expert domestic electricians, we’re here to ensure your home is keeping up and lighting the way forward.

The Typical Process for a Fogson’s Domestic Electrician


Reach out and touch… a keyboard!

Shoot us an email, ping us a message through our website, or better yet, give us a good old-fashioned phone call. What we need from you are the juicy details of your electrical conundrum. Suppose you can send pictures or sketches of what you currently have and what you envision. Think of it as electrical show-and-tell!


Let us do the heavy (circuit) lifting

We will take a good look at what you’ve sent us, getting into the nitty-gritty details. Once we’ve puzzled out your puzzle, we’ll be back in touch for any additional info we may need or to arrange a meeting at your site. Don’t worry; you’ll never be left in the dark. We will send you text and email notifications to update you at every stage.


Meet the Electrician (Spoiler alert: It’s Fogsons!)

At our meeting, we’ll tour your current set-up, diving into your electrical aspirations and providing helpful tips and suggestions along the way. We’re here to ensure our quote is tailor-made to your needs and future-proofed for any upcoming changes.


Quoting time (it’s electrifying)

We’ll formulate and send you our quote in under five days. If anything sparks confusion at any point, don’t hesitate to raise it with us. We’ll explain and provide additional details until everything is crystal clear.


Locking in the date (we promise we won’t stand you up)

Once you’ve approved the quote and are ready to flip the switch, we’ll be in touch to set up an installation date. We’ll also run through any necessary steps you need to take to get ready.


The day of transformation

On D-Day, our engineer will arrive at your property armed with tools and a warm smile. They’ll walk you through the final plan and answer any last-minute questions. If at any point you have concerns during the installation, remember: we’re only a phone call away.


The big reveal

We’ll clean up once the installation is completed (because Mum always told us to tidy up our mess), and then it’s time for the big reveal. We’ll present and explain your new installation, ensuring you’re comfortable and confident with your upgraded electrical haven.


The paperwork (but not the boring kind)

You’ll receive any necessary certificates or documentation within a week of the installation. Think of it as your electrician’s graduation certificate, with honours!


We’ve got your back

You get a 1-year guarantee on our parts and work. But that’s not where our relationship ends. We’re always here to answer your questions, help troubleshoot, or chat about the latest innovations in electrical installations.

Lights Out – For Now

Remember, whether it’s lighting up a room, powering up an appliance, re-wiring for renovations, or simply giving your home’s electrical system a thorough health check, we’ve got your back.

But enough talking about electricity; let’s create more than sparks! We invite you to take the first step towards an electrified, safe, and well-lit future for your home. Reach out to us today, and let’s start a conversation about your home’s electrical needs.

So don’t keep yourself in the dark any longer. Your home deserves the best, and that’s what we’re here to deliver. Contact Fogsons today – your home’s perfect domestic electrical services is just a call, an email, or a message away. There’s no job too big or small, and every question is a good one.

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