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Peterborough’s Leading EV Charger and Renewable Installation Specialists

Are you considering transitioning to an electric vehicle and wondering about charging solutions at your home or workplace? Looking to harness the power of renewable energy for a more sustainable future? You’ve come to the right place.

We are passionate about empowering Peterborough residents with cutting-edge, eco-friendly energy solutions. With years of experience and a commitment to quality, we offer professional EV charger installation, as well as the installation of solar panels, wind energy systems, and more renewable energy solutions.

Our services are designed to cater to the unique needs of the Peterborough community. Whether you’re a homeowner seeking energy independence or a business aiming to reduce your carbon footprint, our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Together, we can drive towards a cleaner, greener, and more efficient future for Peterborough.

Why Get an EV Charger in Peterborough?
Let’s Plug into the Benefits

Hey there, future electric vehicle owner! Ready to ditch those old-fashioned gas pumps and step into the clean, green world of electric driving? Well, you’ve rolled into the right spot, and we’re here to explain why getting an EV charger installed at your Peterborough home or workplace is the way to go.

1. No More Gas Station Blues

Forget about waiting in line and those unexpected fuel price hikes. With your EV charger, plug in at home and wake up to a fully charged ride. Easy peasy!

2. Save Your Pennies

Electric juice often costs less than dinosaur fuel (you know, gasoline). Plus, there might be some government goodies to help with the costs. It’s like having your cake and eating it too!

3. Boost Your Curb Appeal

Got an EV charger? Your property just got more relaxed and might even be worth more. Now, that’s what we call charging up your investment!

4. Be a Planet Hero

Drive electric, breathe cleaner air, and give Mother Earth a virtual high-five. Installing an EV charger is your ticket to the eco-friendly league in Peterborough.

5. One Size Doesn’t Fit All, But We’ve Got You Covered

Whether you’re driving a zippy little commuter or a big family electric SUV, we have the perfect EV charger.

6. Own Your Power

Imagine pairing your EV charger with solar panels and using the sun to fuel your rides. Now that’s taking charge of your energy!

7. Join the Cool Crowd

Be a trendsetter in Peterborough. Show your neighbours how excellent and responsible electric driving is. Who knows, you might start a local revolution.

8. Be Ready for Tomorrow, Today

Electric cars aren’t just the future; they’re the now. Get your charger installed, and you’re set for the electric highway.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get you plugged in and ready to roll. At Fogsons Electrical, we make EV charger installation a breeze, fun, and, most importantly, personalised just for you. Together, we can make Peterborough an electric-driving paradise!

So Many Chargers, So Little Time?
We’ve Got the Perfect Fit for Your Ride

Ever walked into a candy store and been dazzled by all the colourful options? Picking an EV charger can feel like that. But don’t fret, Peterborough’s electric vehicle enthusiasts; we’re here to make choosing your charger as smooth as your new electric ride.

Level 1 Chargers

The Homebody’s Dream

Got a standard household outlet and a bit of time? This charger’s for you. It’s like sipping your favourite cup of tea; slow and comforting.

Level 2 Chargers

The Speedy Gonzales

Want something with a bit more zing? Level 2’s where it’s at. Incredible for home or work, it’ll get you charged up and ready to roll in no time. It’s the espresso of chargers.

DC Fast Chargers

The Superheroes of Charging

In a hurry? These chargers are your new best friends. Ideal for commercial spots or road trips, they’ll juice up your car faster than you can say “electric adventure.”

Tesla Chargers

The Exclusive Club

Driving a Tesla? You fancy! We’ve got the specific chargers tailored just for your sleek ride.

Universal Chargers

The One-Size-Fits-All Marvel

Got more than one type of electric vehicle in the family? We’ve got chargers that can plug into different makes and models. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of EV chargers.

Whatever your flavour, needs, or your car’s personality, we have the charger to match. And guess what? We’ll help you pick the perfect one, install it, and ensure you know how to use it. It’s like having your cake, eating it, and then finding out there’s another cake.

Ready to make Peterborough even cooler with your new EV charger? Give us a shout, and let’s get you plugged into the future!

Ready to Catch Some Rays or Ride the Wind? Your Guide to Renewable Installation in Peterborough

So, you’re thinking about going green and tapping into that awesome natural power? We’ve covered your renewable energy dreams, whether solar panels or wind turbines. Here’s how we’ll turn your Peterborough home or business into an eco-powerhouse:


Free High-Five and Consultation

First things first, let’s chat. What are your energy goals, favourite colour, and do you prefer cats or dogs? (Maybe not the last two, but we want to know you and your energy needs!)


Site Assessment – No, Not Like School Exams

Our friendly experts will pop over, check out your place, and see where the sun shines the brightest, or the wind blows the coolest. Don’t worry; we won’t grade you.


Customised Plan – Tailored Like Your Favorite Suit

We’ll whip up a design that fits your needs and building and even matches your personality. Want solar panels in the shape of a smiley face? We’ll see what we can do.


Permits & Paperwork – We’ll Battle the Red Tape

We know permits are like eating veggies when you’re a kid. Necessary but not fun. So, we’ll handle all that boring stuff for you.


Installation Day – Let’s Build a Sun Catcher

The big day arrives. Our team will swing by, tools in hand, smiles on faces, and we’ll put everything together. You can even play your favourite tunes while we work.


A Toast to Renewable Energy

All done? High fives all around! We’ll show you how everything works and toast (with coffee or juice, your choice) to your new energy independence.


Support & Maintenance – We’re Still Here for You

Questions later? Need a tune-up? Are you feeling lonely and want to chat about solar panels? We’re always here, just a phone call or a click away.

Peterborough, are you ready to embrace the power of the sun, wind, or both? At Fogsons Electrical, we make renewable energy a choice and a fun adventure. Let’s catch some rays together and make your energy dreams come true.

Ready to Go Green or Get Charged Up? We Can’t Wait to Hear from You

Hey Peterborough friend, we’re just a shout away if you’re all revved about electric vehicles or ready to catch some rays with renewable energy!

Here’s how you can get in touch with us:

Give Us a Ring

Call us. We promise we won’t talk your ear off (unless you want to chat about renewable energy, then we might!).

Drop Us a Line

Feel like typing instead of talking? Email us, and we’ll get back to you faster than a solar-powered race car.

Whether you’re a curious newbie or a seasoned eco-warrior, we’re here for you, ready to guide, chat, laugh, or even high-five. So come on, let’s make our homes the greenest, cleanest, and most excellent place.